They are back! Desi Cards That Make You Chuckle

Desi character cards

When Davora launched back in 2005, our first range was a set of cartoon character cards for the Asian community – Desi cards. This fun range was well received, and we took them to The Asian Lifestyle shows in Birmingham and London, attracting the attention of the likes of Apache Indian and other celebrities popular on the UK Asian scene. Some of our earliest customers remember them as fondly as we do, and we’re often asked about them.

Over the years as the character cards sold out, we didn’t replace them, simply because our focus moved towards festival cards for Eid, Diwali and all that followed. But following our warehouse move last year, we found some stock of these cards that we didn’t realise we had (what can I say, the organisational skill came to me late!). They brought back great memories of launching this venture, so I decided we should re-introduce them, for old times sake.

Some of my favourite desi cards

Back in 2005, Desi cards were a fairly new thing, with only a couple of publishers publicising them in earnest. We covered Asian weddings, including mixed marriages – quite a talking point at the time, and thankfully now much more accepted!

We’re pleased to see the eternal Amitabh Bachchan still presenting Kaun Banega Crorepati (the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), as depicted on one of our cards.

Happy Birthday Big B

One of my favourite designs was the aunties force feeding cake to the young birthday boy, not least because I could relate to it so well!

Happy Birthday

The Auto-rikshaw in London was another popular and fun card to show off. Little did I know I would be bringing a real life Auto-rikshaw to London a decade later when we sponsored the 2016 Bollywood themed Henries Awards.

Happy Birthday Desi Cards

So here they are, our fun and funky character cards. Enjoy!