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Cards of Culture

We love Greeting Cards in the UK. Did you know people in the UK send more cards than anywhere else in the world? It’s true! It’s not surprising, since Greeting Cards are the most personal way to show you’re thinking of someone, that you care.


The anticipation of writing, posting, receiving and opening a card is a uniquely pleasant feeling, one that can’t be replicated in the world of instant gratification that we now live in.

Here at Davora, we specialise in publishing unique cards for our diverse communities. We cater for niche festivals, and occasions known in the industry as minor seasons.


They are not minor to us though! We like to call them Cards Of Culture. For it is the diversity of cultures amidst us that gives us reason to celebrate, learn and appreciate our world.

and there’s more…

Festival Guide

Our Greeting Cards are for some wonderful diverse festivals. We’ve written some guides to give you an insight into their rich origins and history.

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Facts and Factoids of the Four Saints of the UK&I.

Facts and Factoids of the Four Saints of the UK&I.

Did you know, St George, patron Saint of England, wasn’t English? And St Andrew, patron Saint of Scotland, wasn’t Scottish. Meanwhile, St Patrick (Ireland), was foretold of the birth of St David (Wales) 30 years before St David was born. We’ve been researching the four Patron Saints’ on the UK&I.

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