Taking our distribution to the next level

Over the years, as our business has steadily grown, so have our stock levels. While we don’t aim to keep too much stock, the Greeting Card business is a volume based business. In order to keep our unit costs low, we need to print in high volumes and this inevitably means we need more stock space. Also, we’ve been gradually adding new ranges over the last few years, and so this has resulted in holding a greater stock level too.As our core ranges, such as Eid and Diwali are highly seasonal, we do have peaks and troughs in our stock levels over the year.

Higher stock levels also requires more management, more space and more personnel to fulfil orders. Towards the end of 2015 we found ourselves stretched to capacity on all these fronts, and there was a risk that this was going to divert our attention from running the business effectively and working on new designs and products.

So this year we’ve taken the bold move to engage the services of a distribution company. Our new partnership will enable us to refocus on the business. With the increased capacity, we can now offer cards for ranges that are out of season, making it easier for our trade customers to buy what they need whenever they want.

It also means we can now bring our new ranges to market sooner, rather than waiting until we have enough storage capacity). So watch this space!