New range of vibrant greetings cards designed for the UK Asian market

by | Jul 13, 2006

A new range of greetings cards designed especially for the Asian market in the UK, to mark the main religious festivals of Diwali and Eid, plus family birthdays and anniversaries, has been launched by two young entrepreneurs.

Rajeev Arora (34) and Gordon Davies (30) recognised a gap in the market for the celebration cards which were previously only obtainable from abroad. They set up Davora Ltd to provide a range of superior quality cards both online and through retail outlets.

The Davora Traditional and Contemporary Eid card ranges have been licensed exclusively from Salma Arastu, a multi-award winning artist born in India and now living in the USA.

The Diwali contemporary range have been designed and produced in the UK using a unique MetalFX ink, giving them a subtle and elegant shimmer. There is also a selection of hand-crafted cards and two 3-D temple designs.

Everyday occasion cards (birthday, anniversary, etc) have been designed with the “Western-Asian” in mind. They include three depicting caricatures of well known Bollywood actors and two of the wedding cards are aimed at mixed marriage couples – an increasingly more common occurrence and often a hot potato within Asian communities!
Rajeev said: “All too often the greeting cards for Diwali and Eid are cheap, poor quality, carry outdated designs and are not available on the high street.

“We have invested significantly in an on-line shop, making ours cards readily accessible to everybody ( and aim to have them available in main-stream outlets throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

“There are over 4.6 million people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the UK and 50% of the ethnic minority population are of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or other Asian origins.

“We believe that by offering very good quality cards at the right price in the right place, the modern British Asian can be encouraged to reach out to family and friends at Diwali and Eid – festivals that often carry the same intensity of sentiment as Christmas.”