Drumming up business at PG Live. With real Punjabi Drummers!

It was impossible not to notice the Punjabi drummers. The event kicked off with a bang!

PG Live Organisers

Having Indian roots, particularly of the Punjabi variety, it felt natural to me to celebrate in a loud and colourful way (there was even some embarrasing Dad dancing taking place on our stand! It’s just how we roll). The greeting card industry is traditionally a very visual place, so having the auditory senses exercised in this way was a unique experience for most exhibitors and visitors alike!

The drummers were from the fabulous Drummers Delight team, and they definately looked and sounded the part. Progressive Greetings Live is the largest Trade Show of it’s kind dedicated to Greeting Cards. I would like to thank Drummers Delight and the orgnisers of PGLive for their help and support in our 10 year anniversary and for letting us kick off this years show with a BANG!

Oh, and apologies to all who still have a ringing sound in their ears.