Davora : A Case Study by Sage

by | Jul 19, 2015

Like many small businesses, we use Sage 50 Accounts to manage our business. Over the years, I’ve found myself increasingly attending sage events, and user groups. This give me a chance to get an early glimpse of what new features will be included in future releases of this software. It’s also an opportunity to shape it’s future by providing perspective to the development team from an end user perspective.

Recently Sage asked if they could come and do a Case Study on our business, specifically in how we use Sage Drive. Sage Drive is a new feature in Sage which allows users to cut the ties they have to being in a fixed location. Until Sage Drive came along, I had to be physically in the office to use my Sage accounts software. However, now I can take my laptop anywhere and be connected to the same data, in real time, as the rest of the team are using in the office.

Sage Drive has also been a key enabler in allowing us to take on Pooja, our Sales Manager. Pooja works remotely from the office, but thanks to Sage Drive, Google cloud apps, and some clever VOIP telephony, it’s as if she’s sitting on the desk next to me all the time. The software has allowed me to take on the right staff, without location being a barrier.

Sage put together a Case Study video, and took some photos while they were visiting me. They’re a bit cheesy, but I don’t mind!

By the way, if you’re a Sage 50 user and you’re wondering if Sage could be working harder for you, I offer a Sage Consultancy service through my other business. Get in touch if you’d like a chat about how I might be able to help.