Davora to launch a dedicated Welsh Language brand – Pili Pala Cards

Davora to launch a dedicated Welsh Language brand – Pili Pala Cards

A new brand dedicated to Welsh cards will soon be appearing on card racks nationwide. Davora Ltd, the specialist greeting card publisher, will launch Pili Pala cards at the Spring Fair in 2015.

Pili Pala, Welsh for “butterfly”, will carry messages and verses in the Welsh language, with English translations on the reverse. The initial range will consist of 30 designs covering birthdays, weddings, new home, new born, thank you, get well soon and sympathy captions.

The 2011 census reported over 562,000 Welsh speakers in Wales – almost 1 in 5 of the population. The Welsh government actively promote the language, through the creation of a Welsh Language Commissioner with enforcement powers to ensure Welsh has an equal status to English in public services.

“We’ve been asked a number of times to produce some Welsh cards, and the passion for the language is tremendous” said Rajeev Arora, director of Davora. “Through Pili Pala we want to channel some of that passion into Greeting Cards. By making sure the Welsh captions and messages are also translated into English on the cards, we’re making the range accessible to all”.

Pili Pala joins a family of brands now offered by Davora including Jowish dedicated to Jewish Cards and BollyXpress covering musical Bollywood cards, as well as the Davora range itself with over 200 designs.